Photograph provided by Mitch Warnick

    OUR MISSION is to protect the Gunnison Valley's diverse ecosystems and expansive beauty through education and stewardship.

Mountain Manners is the creation of one of the roundtables within the One Valley Prosperity Project. Various nonprofits and businesses throughout the area expressed their concerns of possibly "loving our public lands to death".  As a result, this collaborative created Mountain Manners to serve as an educational campaign to teach recreators about outdoor etiquette. 

Mountain Manners' stewardship campaign focuses on making responsible recreation relatable for all audiences, easy to remember, and eye appealing. This makes outdoor etiquette useful for the diverse populations that visit the Gunnison Valley. Additionally, Mountain Manners is creating the Peak Protector Program. This portion of our project will train local citizens to educate recreators so they can enlist their help in protecting our public lands while on the trails. 

Our Mountain Manners team and federal land agency officials meeting to discuss collaborative opportunities. 

Participants on a hike led by Gillian Rossi at the 2016 Crested Butte Wildflower Festival